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Income generating projects - Poultry

Raising chickens is a great way of generating income as well as providing nutrition for the members in the households of the elderly. In Uganda one chicken costs one US dollar, $100 can construct a poultry house but at a cost sharing, two thousand chickens can consume feeds worth $240 a week plus immunizations. After 6 months, chickens will lay eggs for one year. Read More.

Income generating projects - Mushrooms

Mushrooms are easily grown and sold at a good price. In addition, it doesn’t require a lot of energy making it a suitable income generating activity for the elderly who don’t have energy to cultivate. Oyster mushroom spores can be purchased from Makerere University laboratory and Kawanda Research centre in Kampala. Sponsor an older person to grow mushrooms.

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Income generating projects - Goats

In Uganda there are local goats and cross bred goats from South Africa. The cross bred goats are big, fat and more expensive but regarded as the best producers of meat and milk. If 2 goats can be purchased at a rate of $50 each and given to an older person, they produce 2 kids twice a year. So the older person will then have 8 kids to sell in a year generating $400. $100 makes $400. Donate Now

Income generating projects - pigs

Rearing pigs is another good income generating project for older people. For stance if you distribute 2 piglets to each older person plus feeds for 6 months, once grown, they can have two litters of at least four piglets each year. Once the initial 8 piglets produce, the eight piglets will then produce 32 piglets twice a year. A piglet can be sold for $20. If half of the offspring, for the initial expense of 2 piglets plus feeds ($50); an elderly can make $640.

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Psychosocial support for older carers.

Millions of older people are caring for orphaned children and for family members living with AIDS-related illnesses, but they are often overlooked by development programmes. Most people expect their caring duties to ease off in later life. . But around the world, millions of older people find themselves looking after their adult children as they become ill or die as a result of HIV and AIDS, and taking on care of grandchildren. In east and southern Africa, older people care for at least ...

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Education for the orphaned children

When an older person has the responsibility of caring for orphaned grandchildren, she/he needs to provide education expenses because it’s a human right. But due to poverty, they find themselves not affording to take these children to school hence missing out on education. This is because of the cost of school lunches, uniforms, shoes and scholastic materials, such as pens, pencils and exercise books. Sponsor an orphaned grandchild to attend school!

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Clean Water Initiative

A study conducted by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (2002) indicated that 42.8% of older persons use boreholes while the majority (59.2%) use water from other sources. The Uganda Reach the Aged Association Report (2005) indicates that older persons who cannot travel long distances use contaminated water, which puts their health at risk. These reports indicate that limited access to safe water, long distances to water sources and poor environmental sanitation are some of the root causes of ill health among older persons.Donate and Save Life!!! Any Amount can Help a vulnerable Person

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Food Security

As you may be well aware that Uganda's main economic source of income is Agriculture, the fact remains that its done not on a commercial basis but on house hold consumption basis, This has left many working for what to eat and growing little for they their own. S.O.U Believes that once agriculture is commercialised anad there is enough to eat, one may be able to seel and also plan for his or her old time because they money. This is not the case currently and as S.O.U, we call upon your involvement for food security and income stablity of the old.

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Build a Home

This iniative is aimed at building a home for each homeless eldery that is affordable but permanent so as to enable them have a comfortable rest.

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