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Save the Old Uganda (SOU) is a registered National Organization with registered number S5914/9839/ that was founded to address the plight of old people especially Women in Uganda. Older people are a great resource that is knowledgeable, caring, loving, with incalculable collective wisdom. This prompted eldery women to use their different skills, knowledge, talents and opportunities to inspire and transform communities to address the plight of old people. SOU has a team of youth and women committed to support any efforts geared towards advocating for the wellbeing of old people in our societies. We envision a Uganda where old people especially women have a voice in aspects that affect their lives, and witness improved social and economic livelihoods .


To see a world where old people receive care and support from communities, have equal rights and better access to health care.


Inspired by our life experiences, SOU a local organization is committed to work for the cause and care for the old people in Uganda so as to improve their quality of life and general living conditions.


»To alleviate poverty amongst old people. »To promote human rights of old people hence giving them a voice to be heard. »To Improve on the health of old people »To improve on sanitation and welfare » To create better economic Livelihood for old people


Aging can be a difficult time for many people: they may feel lonely, have financial stress, or medical issues. Many seniors rely on the help of family and friends as they get older. But some elderly individuals may not have this option. You may help the old through S.O.U in different ways but mainly by;


You may not be able to give much time to volunteering but still want to help the elderly.



Offering your skills and enthusiasm will positively impact the lives of others as well as your own.



We believe that fundraising is one of the most honourable things you can do to engage the targeted groups at S.O.U



Contribution to any cause at S.O.U is completely free to any one who wishes to engage the eldery in that may support them.


S.O.U is governed by a board of directors that reflects the diversity of the globe and brings together a wealth of experience in philanthropy, Advocacy, Health education, Food security, HIV and AIDS education, Empowerment, Promotion of Good Environment in the Communities. The management team is spear headed by a director and then a team of volunteers
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